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There is a lot to know in Ayurvedic living, but the best teacher is lived experience.

To support more people in trying on a couple of the health practices I promote, you can download one or both of two FREE items I made for you:

  • a guided meditation audio file about awareness of our interconnections, and


  • a PDF ‘booklet’ on the gentle ayurvedic dietary cleanse method that lets you keep eating — no headache needed for it to work!)


I send out a monthly email to my patients with reminders of things we’ve talked about in Consultation, and you will be put on this list automatically when you download one of the free files described, above.

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But I hope to keep your attention! I aim to keep the information relevant to living a modern, if orthodox-to-some-degree, Ayurvedic lifestyle in the 21st century, with self-affinity, respect for our Planet and a social justice lens.