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I’ve begun to write picture-books-for-grownups.

Those can be acquired here:


Little Book of Ghee

A doctor of ayurveda shows many traditional ways ghee is used today       $20




Satmya: Why Some Foods Work for Some People, Some of the Time

A manifesto to ease your mind                                                                           Free!





There is a lot to know in Ayurvedic living, but the best teacher is lived experience.

For support in trying on a couple of the health practices I promote, you can download two FREE items I made for you:

    1. a guided meditation audio file about awareness of our interconnections
    2. a PDF booklet on gentle ayurvedic dietary cleansing that lets you keep eating (no headache needed)

I send out a monthly email and you will be put on this list automatically when you download one of the two free files, immediately above. I write about living a modern, if orthodox, Ayurvedic lifestyle in the 21st century, with love for Self, the planet and social justice.


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