Ayurvedic Services Offerred

Although the effects of Ayurvedic lifestyle choices and herbal formulations can be felt right away, it can take some time to see the changes through to completion. This timing is true both for client process as much as for the physical imbalances present in the body.


For this reason, I work with clients in packages of multiple sessions so that you can feel the satisfaction of a lasting shift in condition. I have designed the packages based on my experience working with clients over the years. Packages can be repeated for ongoing care. I may suggest additional body therapies or cleanses according to your case. 

Packages include:

  • Personalized herbal medicine
  • Meditation instruction
  • Ayurvedic diet plans


Want to learn more about my approach to Ayurvedic living?

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Single Sessions

Occasions for which I will see patients for a one-time session:

  • a VPK Constitutional Analysis;
  • a second-opinion on a health situation you’re experiencing;
  • a special-materials body treatment (Low back oil soak – Kati Basti and other oil soaks – Sthanic Bastis If you know you need these therapies, please contact me to discuss your case)
  • as a prelude to shirodhara.



The pouring of a warm steady stream of oil over the forehead is a time-tested antidote to insomnia and mental stress. Some pre-screening is advised to look out for possible  contraindications for some folks, but otherwise, the expected results include:

  • the deepest sleep;
  • the mellowest mindset; and
  • the calmest nerves you’ve ever known.



Cleanses are offered in two main ways: seasonal cleanses and the PanchaKarmas. Please contact me to discuss your case, or schedule a one-time session for my assessment of whether Pancha Karmas or a cleanse will support you best, based on your current imbalances.

Let’s talk about your situation and decide together what course of action could be started. Please text me, call me or sign up for my eNews nugget. Your information will not be sold, and is used only to communicate with you about topics on Ayurveda and my practice.


Contagion Protocols

Consults happen over video conference software, with occasional, masked in-person exams. I provide N95 masks at the door for you. High-contact surfaces in my exam room are sanitized between patients. Similar areas in common areas of the suite that I share with a therapist and an acupuncturist are sanitized each day, with adequate time and space between people to maintain a safe physical distance, including extremely limited use of the central wait room.


Thinking about signing up for a multi-session package?

You can text or call me 510-689-1041.

Or email Victoria [at] Ayurveda-Healthcare [dot] com

I will respond within 48 hours.


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