Something powerful could heal what ails you right now.   Often, you already know what you’d like to do when you’re putting extra attention on health and healthcare.


But it’s nice to get help. 

Sometimes to get through a significant health challenge. Other times, to celebrate the ‘new You’ that’s already shown up in your life.

When it comes to healing, it can be mighty fine to have three things:

    1. A base of knowledge
    2. A witness to “hold space”
    3. And a goal to aim for

And, it can be empowering to build on the good things you already know, even when –especially when! — you’re open to learning from a truly different view of the body, health and healing.


Healing in Ayurveda

Ayurveda offers inputs from the natural world like herbs, sunshine, moonlight, and oil massage. These inputs jump-start a natural healing process within us.


The goal of Ayurvedic practice is to

  • avoid things that cause imbalances in the first place, and
  • seasonally clean up the imbalances that happen anyway from weather changes, ‘slips’ from our usual healthy eating, stress, and environmental factors outside our control.

We Ayurvedists, like many holistic and Vitalistic practitioners, believe the body is always trying to re-set itself at a healing vibration and so our aim is to support that natural process, not to prop people up with outside supplementation forever.


Something Innate in Human Beings Knows How to Do This Self-Healing.

When we fall down and scrape a knee we don’t take lessons in how to knit the skin back together, it just happens!

But the wound feels less painful, avoids infection and looks smoother when finished healing if a thoughtful caregiver shows us how to clean and dress the scrape, directs us to rest awhile, and later feeds us something healing to eat or drink. Right?

If you have come to this website in search of care, witness and support you will find it — in a style influenced by my particular strengths and interests in mindbody medicines, and led by Ayurvedic Science.


Support for You, The Healer

Within the broad scope of Ayurveda, we Ayurvedists make assessments and recommendations with confidence by calling on the

  • herbal formulas,
  • dietary templates,
  • daily routines,
  • meditation practices,
  • yogasana postures, and
  • bodywork therapies

for you that follow the classical texts and clinical practice of Ayurvedic historical lineages very closely.

And foremost, in my own distillation of this knowledge and wisdom, I rely upon your own sense of what’s healing for you.


It Can Take Some Time to Understand & Implement an Ayurvedic Course of Action

I’ve created some information products (eBooks & audio files) to help share practical & accurate knowledge based on my twenty years’ living and training with many esteemed East Indian clinicians, most of in a rather traditional, orthodox Ayurvedic school. Along the way I’ve also studied meditation and bodywork in, and have been mentored by, additional holistic modalities.

I work with patients in “packages” of multiple session visits across several months, based on my experience helping people like you over the years to get the health outcomes you want and need. On occasion I will agree to meet for a single Consultation session, usually to give a second opinion on your case already under Ayurvedic management.


You can read more about me and find my usual schedule of availability on the About page, linked here

You are invited get to know me better by signing up for the mostly monthly eNewsletter I send.

It includes reminders of the Ayurveda tips I share with my patients in Consults, as well as my thoughts on living into this ancient wisdom. I often send out a meal recipe, too.


Or, feel free to email me about your specific questions or health concerns at

Victoria [at] Ayurveda-Healthcare [dot] com,  and I will respond within 48 hours.


Contagion Protocols

Consults happen over video conference software, with occasional, masked in-person exams. I provide a N95 mask at the door for you to wear while in our office. High-contact surfaces in my exam room are sanitized between patients.

Similar areas in common areas of the suite that I share with a therapist and an acupuncturist are sanitized each day, with adequate time and space between people to maintain a safe physical distance, including extremely limited use of the central wait room.


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