Inspired by the natural world from an early age, and encouraged by a deeply spiritual family with interest in herbs for natural healing, I have been trained both to think critically and to honor the renewed wisdom of established lineages of practice.


I am networked among, graduated by, and allied with other like-minded thinkers and practitioners,


Motivated by the calling of my generation, the one sandwiched between Boomers and Gen X, to be early-adopters in using alternative medicine modalities as our everyday wellness and prevention as healthcare, with Western allopathic medicine as a back-up for those situations that warrant it.

We have led the way in expanding the availability of


  *sound healing,


  *organically-grown food,

  *biodynamic farming & permaculture, and

  *body-conditioning through natural movement (not just calisthenics). 

I have watched our generation in the US moving towards an ever greater holism in healthcare choices, with an appreciation for the human Be-ing as body, mind, soul and spirit nestled within, an inherent component of, our environment — connected and interdependent with each other, and with All-That-Is.


Nourished by All-That-Is, I Offer

  1. Life-Direction Listening sessions (Spiritual Direction)
  2. Meditation instruction, one-on-one
  3. Ayurvedic herbalist consultation sessions
  4. Ayurvedic body therapies: shirodhara, kati basti and other sthanic bastis
  5. Breema sessions
  6. Educational information products


All suited to your unique needs.

Standing on the knowledge of tried-and-true models of discerning health and well-being, I bring it to you where you currently stand. 

You can be atheist or religious, vegetarian or an omnivore, a metropolis dweller or have a rural lifestyle.

It’s not required that you like chanting or yogasana stretch class or that you have any particular spiritual belief.


You can expect some changes to come immediately and more changes to take months to complete, depending on your condition at the outset and how long it has been present in you.


Here, you can read some case histories of my clients  who made shifts in support of the healing capacities already trying work within them.


You can text or phone me at 510-689-1041 to schedule a free 15-minute conversation about your current situation. 


Hours Available – by appointment

Tues  5:30-7:00pm

Thu   8:00-10:00am and  5:30-7:00pm

Sun   9:00am-11:00am and afternoons by prior arrangement.

(Appointments end by 8:00pm)  


Contagion Protocols

Consults happen over video conference software, with occasional in-person exams, masked. If SARS Co-V2 infection rates are currently high, I may ask you to take 2-antigen-tests-in-4-days.

High-contact surfaces in my exam room are sanitized between patients. High-contact areas in common areas of the suite I share with a therapist are sanitized each day, with adequate time and space maintained between patients to allow safe physical distances, including extremely limited use of the central wait room.


I’m looking forward to meeting you.


You can text or call at 510-689-1041

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