Ayurvedic Package Offer Details

What I find People Want & Need Most Is

  • more stamina and less lethargy each day
  • less stiffness and fewer little aches and pains
  • sound sleep
  • less reliance on medication and less quantity of medication necessary
  • less irritability with loved ones at home
  • less eye strain
  • less mental tension and stress
  • fewer of those WEIRD SYMPTOMS that the MD doesn’t take seriously
  • reduced symptoms when dealing with physical disability, long-term or chronic illness


More than Just Relief, People Dare to Dream of

  • a strong but flexible physical body that repairs itself easily
  • immunity – resistance from catching illness or quick bounce-back-ability
  • a sunnier outlook on life
  • a level-headed disposition
  • a sense of groundedness and calm without inertia or depression
  • a sense of uplift and lightness that’s not spacey and adrift
  • a sense of liveliness and inspiration for
      • solving problems,
      • enjoying relationships of all kinds,
  • a feeling of being at peace in their Spirit, overall


What Happens

People seek out and try various health programs or professionals.

  • Some really work and they stick with them, achieving desired goals & benchmarks,  maybe making habits that last a lifetime. Some folks find success only when signed up for a program with a leader and community membership. It’s great until time or money availability shifts, making another option needed.
  • Some programs and protocols are harder to stick with or don’t bring the desired results. And that’s disappointing.
  • With some programs, the explanations of WHY it works (or doesn’t work) makes little sense. It can be just fine to live with mystery, a sense of “I don’t know how it works, but it worked for me.” Until, for some people, some of the time, it isn’t and they want more insight into the why to feel satisfied, or to be able to reproduce the results for themselves under new conditions.

Circumstances and people can change. What makes for a winning program at one time of your life can stop working so well for you later.


If Your Condition Doesn’t Have Ready Answers from Your Usual Provider

One situation that makes people look for another approach is hearing:

“We don’t know why you’re not responding to this treatment; it usually works for most people.”

It can be scary, or just really frustrating. I know firsthand, and I sympathize.


There’s a Lot to Research

If you’re reading this, then you or someone you’re researching for are considering another perspective. Welcome.

It can be hard to know what’s most important to considering signing on to a new approach to your health from among the many varied offers on the market. Looking up all the modalities now available to us and sorting through them for a match can be a real labor of love.

Thankfully, for humanity’s sake, many hearts, minds and hands have gone into bringing us  — Ayurveda.


Alternative Medicine Modalities & Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a “big umbrella” under which are found a range of modalities for our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

It evolved on the Indian sub-continent as an entire medical system, and in some countries, it actually functions that way, still. In other countries there is keen interest to integrate it into the existing healthcare system, in stages.


Ayurveda has a lot of detailed understanding of how humans work on a subtle level. As a system, it places a big emphasis on the energetics of our human body & mind processes, tracing the activity of a sort of “physics” of the 5 Great Elements of Nature inside each person.

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space/ Ether all work together in ways we can observe easily as well as some that take more study to comprehend.

I use these ancient modalities within Ayurveda more than anything else I have studied, because feels authentic to me because there are detailed and flexible understandings of conditions that other medicine has few or no answers for. And also because ayurvedic treatments operate under cause-and-effect rather than with-side-effects and look for ways to counter imbalances early on, before they progress to more entrenched conditions.


Ayurveda is appealing because it:

  • rests on principles that are straightforward, even too simple
  • has a loooong track record of successful outcomes,
  • follows a set of reproducible protocols and best practices, but
  • is personalized medicine, taking individual variation in consideration,
  • relies on logic like “cause and effect,”
  • uses naturally found substances that are processed in natural ways,
  • considers the environmental impact of treatments and medicines, focusing on those that are accessible to a given patient.


Rules for Living

There are clear rules we can follow in Ayurveda, with only a little wiggle room. This can make them hard to follow sometimes, but also surprisingly easy to learn.

Weaving these Rules of Living, like the Ayurvedic Rules of Eating, into our unique lives and complex schedules is the hard part for people without the habits and norms found in East Indian cultures influenced already by Ayurveda — and that’s where i come in! I have good knowledge and experience using these Rules in my own life, with my own strengths and history of weaknesses. I can help you establish a good understanding of this complex system, that’s rigid in rules, but infinite in applications.


The Nourishment Dictator Lovingly says, “It’s Good for You, I Promise”

I consider myself a nourishment dictator sometimes!

I know exactly where to look for the changes in diet and in lifestyle that most people need to make. There’s no getting around them to nourish your current wellness, regain your health or to build up strong immunity, per these Ayurvedic Rules of Living and Eating.

It can take a firm hand to make the necessary changes to see results in the ayurvedic fashion.

“Cause and effect” can be tough words to live by. But it is do-able within boundaries that have both case precedent and logic behind them, shared through respectful caring and goodwill.

And so, I bring you session packages of Consults spread across several months.

You will get somewhere solid with 6-months. And if that seems unreasonable at this time, then 3-months is a good foundation ‘bare minimum’ on which to get started.


Ayurvedic Health Journeys

  • for when you want to try something rooted in an OLD tradition, with someone who knows it well, having guided patients like these
  • for when you want something more specific than to vaguely land in an end zone called ‘healthy’
  • whether you are managing a difficult condition or seeking greater health and bouncier immunity

6-months, even 3-months of your life could mean the start of “better than I ever knew!” for the rest of it.


Enter the Dearest Deprivations Food Program – 3 Months

The truth of the classical ayurvedic texts is there are Rules of Eating for everybody, regardless of your ayurvedic temperament or constitution. If you’ve read even one webpage or book on Ayurveda, this may sound contradictory to most of the popularly available knowledge in circulation…

These Rules are fairly rigid, with only a little wiggle room, as I wrote above. But recall that this makes them surprisingly easy to learn. I’ve helped many clients navigate them: omnivores, meat-heavy eaters and vegetarians.

These lessons come with a shopping list of pantry staples and spices to stock. Six consultation sessions occur across a 3-Month time frame and include ayurvedic lifestyle lessons along with training in the basics of meditation as hygiene for your subtle-bodies.

In this package you receive two of my little eBooks to further your ayurvedic learning between sessions; a customized set of herbal formulas for the duration of the program; and enlistment to my eNewsletter, if not already subscribed.


Also included are heartfelt devotion and care!

This includes weekly email access to me for the length of the program, plus one email per month for another three months.  I want to keep this sustained in you! This is a window of 6 months if you take the 3-Month Liberating Deprivations Food Program. 


In sum, with this program you get

3-Months of:
6 Consults
Rules of Eating
Shopping List
Lifestyle Lessons
– –
– –
Meditation as Hygiene
– –
Herbal Formulas
2 of my eBook titles for further education
– –
eNews subscription


The Sturdy Snowflake Immunity Build-Out – 6 Months of Consults

This package of healing sessions begins mostly the same way as the 3-month Liberating Deprivations Food Program, but in more depth, as a Premium version, and that continues on for 3 more months for better integration into your post-program life.

These lessons come with a shopping list of pantry staples and spices that are good to have on hand, AND I will aim to drop ship as many of them as possible to you from my preferred vendor(s). Twelve consultation sessions occur across a 6-Month time-frame and include ayurvedic lifestyle lessons.

I will offer training in not only the basics of meditation as subtle-body hygiene, but also some additional tools that help you set clear intentions for creativity made manifest.

You receive four of my eBook titles to further your ayurvedic learning between sessions, the ‘little’ series plus a weightier eBook. I also include 2 audio files to help you practice wellness I will teach you in the deeper Lifestyle Lessons. Also, I offer you some document templates to make it easier to log notes and track your ayurvedic lifestyle practices.

You receive a more thorough, customized set of herbal formulas for the duration of the program, and enlistment to my eNewsletter, if not already subscribed.


Also included are my same heartfelt devotion and care — for longer!

This includes weekly email access to me for the length of the program, plus one email per month for another three months.  I want to keep this sustained in you! This is a window of 9 months if you take the 6-Month Sturdy Snowflake Immunity Build-Out. 


12 Consults
Rules of Eating
Food/ Spice Supplies Drop Shipments
Lifestyle Lessons
–Visual Aids
–Journal Templates
Meditation as Hygiene
Meditation Practices
Herbal Formulas
4 eBook titles for further education
2 mp3s for practice

The Fine Print…Important Stuff to Read

You must have:

  1. Internet access that supports video conferencing for the sessions
  2. Ability to take and send photos via email or text
  3. Note-taking method and apparatus of your own as handouts provided are minimal beyond the eBooks (some are little, some are weightier)
  4. Ability to make payments by Stripe on your computer or phone
  5. Ability to attend all sessions within a designated time frame: a window of 6 months is allowed for the 3-Month Program and a window of 9 months is allowed for the 6-Month Program
  6. Commitment to engage in the entire duration, either 3-Months or 6-Months, agreed to. Experience shows that you are more likely to make this commitment if you pay in full at the start of the Program.
      • Monthly installment payments are alright, as long as you understand and agree that you are, in fact, committing to the full length of the program, and not making a month-by-month attendance decision;
      • There is a small price increase for monthly installment payments and
      • Such payments are set up on an automatic scheduler.
      • If a pause in attendance is needed, payments will continue as scheduled and credit will accumulate, to be used up within the 6 months for the Liberating Deprivation Food Program of 3-Months, or within 9 months for the Sturdy Snowflake Immunity Build-Out 6-Month Program.
      • Pauses in attendance need to be arranged with me, in advance.

Not Religious, but Spiritual – You Have a Spirit

There is a paradox inherent in my approach with both these Programs.

Both are an an empowered path of you following the Ayurvedic Rules of Eating  or Rules of Eating and Living.  There are standard lessons and healing protocols, true.

But also each person alone is truly in charge of how their own journey through the Program will unfold — any given time they take it with me. (You can repeat either Program, with a break that lasts as long as you like, or re-enlisting as soon as one Program ends).


Each person is unique, and has their own Spirit inhabiting the physical body. Whatever the nature of this Spirit, we don’t need to agree on that, nor need to share the same belief system or philosophy. But I understand that your Spirit is there, animating your mindbody processes. Scientists can’t find it in the brain, but they know it’s gone from the body once we die.

And so I consider both Programs to be both a rigorous endeavor, and also a mystery path of healing. A somewhat spiritual one. Because you have a Spirit, that I believe is in charge behind the scenes. I’ve walked clients through both of these processes over the last several years, and I am in charge of helping you learn and follow Rules, but ultimately I am not in charge — you are.



Not a Group Experience or Membership

I engage with people one at a time because although there are standard steps I take people though, I customize language to make sure people ‘get it.’


As mentioned, I invite you to repeat either program, whether extending for another 3 months or another 6 months. You can do this immediately or after taking a break for as long as makes sense to you.

It just gets richer and more relevant when you do.

And as the saying goes: “We never enter the same river twice.”


I’ve had patients stay on with me over 3-6 years, in some cases.  Either because they had an intractable condition, because making deep-seated change can take time, or because the journey of life itself can make detours and pauses in a Program necessary.


What about the Programs Make Them Work?

  1. You will gain insight into the working of subtle anatomy as understood by Ayurveda, and the physics of how these energies operate in you.
  2. We will apply these insights to your current life as well as making sure you understand the principles well enough to keep working with it on your own as your life circumstances change.
  3. Once you make a habit & consistently engage it, the ayurvedic process behind it
    • brings about balance within your body systems and their tissues,
    • influences your immunity and
    • increases you well-being, including your peace of mind, in subtle ways.

Your willing attitude helps with compliance of the protocols, of course, but it’s not a psychosomatic phenomena influencing your body that I am offering, nor the placebo effect, as strong as that’s proving to be. The changes you can expect happen on a physical level, even if you are not anticipating them. You can be skeptical and get results, if you follow the Rules and have solid habits.

4. Learning principles that you can apply when the Program is over, not just guidelines for your current health situation, will help you navigate new living situations, working conditions, seasonal shifts and life stages. At least until/ unless the changes you encounter in future living are so large that you need to engage another healing modality.

I try to give you a lot of ‘bang for your buck.’

5. While I need to know Sanskrit, you don’t! I convey the foundational principles of Ayurveda in commonly understood language, as much as possible with examples from your own life. I reach for your engagement starting with where you are in your own understanding of your health, or un-health.

I don’t advise about medication, but people using Ayurveda often find their health improving to the point that that they reduce the amount of synthetic medication they need. (For changing amounts of medication, always consult first with the prescribing physician.)


Who’s It For? Who’s It Not For?

There are many ways to use the information found in the ancient ayurvedic texts and the oral traditions of clinical ayurvedic practice. I was trained mostly by Hindu Brahmins with personal vegan practice of Ayurveda.

But, the texts and oral traditions include meat-eating and some animal products in medicines. My professors and their clinical staff, being dedicated to a thorough ayurvedic practice, included all the medicines available for restoring balance and maintaining wellness in a patient. So I learned both.

The Programs I offer are not suitable for either vegans or meat-eaters who would *never* try either approach if I determined by ayurvedic assessment that starting or stopping the consumption of animal foods were beneficial for them, for their health, within the Ayurvedic Rules of Eating.


Also, I do not practice integrated medicine. It is quite a big task to keep up with all the continuing education within ayurvedic knowledge, alone, that’s needed to practice in my lineage which by default is at the Doctor level. So I do not *also* study allopathic medicine beyond the bare minimum required by NAMA for Doctors of Ayurveda in our scope. My programs are not suitable, then, for people who want an allopathic explanation for everything I observe in them.

Nor for someone who wants my interpretation of their lab results, in detail. I will consider lab results corroboration (or not) of my own assessment based on ayurvedic parameters of physiology as Ayurvedists understand it, which is distinct to Ayurveda and offers a much clearer picture to me of the subtleties at play in your functioning.

Ayurveda is a science unto itself, in the sense of ‘science’ being defined as

  • ‘a system of knowledge that may be studied and learned,’ and
  • ‘a system of knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena.’


In India, Western allopathic medicine does not have a monopoly on government-supported medical training and healthcare, but shares the theater with Homeopathy, Unani medicine, Siddha medicine and Ayurveda. Because of this there is integrated medicine in India, in a wider range of integrations than in the US.

The clinician professors who trained me were themselves trained in India as integrated medical students. But their expertise has come from within an all-Ayurveda lineage of practice, from elder clinicians who supplemented what they learned in medical school with deeper knowledge of the classical texts than Indian ayurveda colleges cover. And also from several lines of non-allopathically trained Ayurvedists, preserved underground during British colonial rule when traditionalist Ayurveda was made illegal. All of my professors have been clinicians with 10-20 years of full-time practice in India besides sometimes teaching in all-Ayurveda training environments. Ayurveda is what they are committed to and what makes up the entirety of their work with patients, students and interns.

Internships at two separate but allied clinics of theirs in India allowed me to observe, shadow and nominally participate in all-Ayurveda case management that did not apply Western medicine treatments at all under their roof. The clinics referred out to doctors of Western medicine if/ when surgery or allopathic procedures would complement the ayurvedic treatment for complete recovery of health. And these clinics and also *received* referrals from doctors of Western medicine when the MDs knew or imagined that their patient would get better results from a subtler medicine.

I operate with the Ayurvedic scope of practice for a Doctor of Ayurveda, as defined by the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association (NAMA).

So, to sum up, since:

    1. I do not practice Western methods of case assessment;
    2. Allopathic science in the US is itself investigating and corroborating Ayurvedic science;
    3. Ayurveda is known to get good results where it is practiced by trained professionals unfettered, around the world, with a strong interest from the World Health Organization as a leading medicine;

I keep my use of allopathic terminology to an absolute minimum, and I don’t look for allopathic explanations of how Ayurveda works. Neither should my patients.

So these programs are not for patients who would require that.


How Do I Work, Then?

I make my assessments ayurvedically, asking detailed questions about specific parameters of your health, as evidenced in what you tell me about your body and its functioning.

I also observe your tissue tone very closely: in your face, tongue and overall build; I observe your manner of moving and your mental/ emotional demeanor.

Although this is best done in-person, it has worked very well over video conference since Spring of 2020 when lockdowns began in California, and has allowed me to also take on some cases for people who would need to travel a great distance to come in for examination, now that they are possible again. It really depends on the person’s case.

There is a deep and nuanced approach to the levels of balance and imbalance that Ayurvedic assessment looks for.  It is artistically beautiful and complex, and takes time for a practitioner to master, but is quite logical. It does not require pulse reading. Pulse is just one of many assessment tools available to an ayurvedic understanding of your health which all aim to give me a mental picture of the degree of optimal or sub-optimal tone of your bodily tissues.

The ‘tone’ of the physical tissues will also tell me something about the mind helping to generate them — yours! So, I am also gaining some understanding of your degree of mental stress when we talk, and when I look at your answers to my health questionnaire. My goal in considering your mind is to consider how much of your mental stress, if present, is being generated by physical imbalances, and to factor that in to your treatment plan.

For those health conditions that do map neatly onto the ayurvedic descriptions of un-health, I sometimes will translate them into very basic allopathic terminology for your easy comprehension. But I make my assessment strictly using Ayurvedic knowledge, and explain it as simply as possible.

For many people’s cases, few examinations are required — I can observe enough over video and from your careful observation of your health that I coach you to look for between consultations.

Now that I have a physical office again, with new office mates, I meet all patients in person for an initial examination and on occasion for one of the follow-up exam.

I follow the latest protocols to avoid spreading the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes COVID-19. Currently that means I provide you a very high quality N95 mask to put on at the door to my building, before you enter and we meet with masks on for your exam. Additionally:

  • Everyone is masked indoors and my officemates meet with patients one-on-one;
  • The office has fresh air circulating through the spaces from windows and optional air purifiers;
  • The spaces are ample enough for 6 feet distance between people, with doors between each practitioner space;
  • I clean high-contact surfaces in my treatment room between each patient;
  • High-contact surfaces in the bathroom and wait room are cleaned at least daily;
  • The wait room is only used for passing through; patients are asked to arrive at our door just on time (there is also a chair on the covered landing outside the door).

If you test positive for COVID-19 I can refer you to herbalists experienced in addressing COVID-19 cases to help you manage your case including when you should go to the hospital.




Recap of Program Details with Pricing

Basic Premium
3-Months 6-Months
6 Consults 12 Consults
Rules of Eating Rules of Eating
Shopping List
Food Supplies Drop Shipments
Lifestyle Lessons Lifestyle Lessons with
– – –Visual Aids
– – –Journal Templates
Meditation Hygiene Meditation Hygiene +
– – More Meditation Practices
Herbal Formulas Herbal Formulas
–Basic –Thorough
2 eBooks for further education 4 eBooks for further education
– – 2 mp4s for practice
eNews eNews
Expires in 6 months
Expires in 9 months
Weekly Email Priority – 6 months Weekly Email Priority – 9 months
$1500 One-Time Payment $3000 One-Time Payment
Installments monthly of $525* Installments monthly of $525*
You commit to the full length of the program, and not making a month-by-month attendance decision. Payments are set up on an automatic scheduler. If a pause in attendance needs to be arranged with me, in advance, payments will continue as scheduled and credit will accumulate, to be used up within the time-frame, above. You commit to the full length of the program, and not making a month-by-month attendance decision. Payments are set up on an automatic scheduler. If a pause in attendance needs to be arranged with me, in advance, payments will continue as scheduled and credit will accumulate, to be used up within the time-frame, above.
Buy 3-Month Session Package.
Select your payment option:
3-Month Program 1500 One-Time Payment
3-Month Program / 3 Payments
$525.00/month X 3
Buy 6-Month Session Package.
Select your payment option:
6-Month Program 3000 One-Time Payment
6-Month Program / 6 Payments
$525.00/month X 6



In Closing

I’ve tried to answer a lot of frequently asked questions, but if there’s something you wonder about please email me your unanswered question at Victoria (at) Ayurveda-Healthcare.com and I’ll try to respond within 48 hours.


You can also purchase the eBooks separately and sign up for the eNews, free of charge, to get to know me and my style better.

I’ll look forward to helping you achieve your health goals when and if the timing is right for you.

In Healing,

Victoria                        Why “Marisol”?