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What I find People Want Is


People Dare to Dream of


What Happens

People seek out and try various health programs or professionals.

  • Some really work and they stick with them, achieving desired goals & benchmarks,  maybe making habits that last a lifetime. Some folks find success only when signed up for a program with a leader and community membership. It’s great until time or money availability shifts, making another option needed.
  • Some programs and protocols are harder to stick with or don’t bring the desired results. And that’s disappointing.
  • With some programs, the explanations of WHY it works (or doesn’t work) makes little sense. It can be just fine to live with mystery, a sense of “I don’t know how it works, but it worked for me.” Until, for some people, some of the time, it isn’t and they want more insight into the why to feel satisfied, or to be able to reproduce the results for themselves under new conditions.

Circumstances and people can change. What makes for a winning program at one time of your life can stop working so well for you later.




Life-Direction Listening

xyz is a “big umbrella” under which are found a range of modalities for our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

It evolved on the Indian sub-continent as an entire medical system, and in some countries, it actually functions that way, still. In other countries there is keen interest to integrate it into the existing healthcare system, in stages.


listening understanding

I use the modalities




Life Direction Listening Journeys

  • for when you want to try something rooted in an OLD tradition, with someone who knows it well, having guided patients like these
  • for when you want something more specific than to vaguely land in an end zone called ‘healthy’
  • whether you are managing a difficult condition or seeking greater health and bouncier immunity

6-months, even 3-months of your life could mean the start of “better than I ever knew!” for the rest of it.


Not Religious, but Spiritual – You Have a Spirit

There is a paradox inherent in my approach with both these Programs.

Both are an an empowered path of you following the Ayurvedic Rules of Eating  or Rules of Eating and Living.  There are standard lessons and healing protocols, true.

But also each person alone is truly in charge of how their own journey through the Program will unfold — any given time they take it with me. (You can repeat either Program, with a break that lasts as long as you like, or re-enlisting as soon as one Program ends).


Each person is unique, and has their own Spirit inhabiting the physical body. Whatever the nature of this Spirit, we don’t need to agree on that, nor need to share the same belief system or philosophy. But I understand that your Spirit is there, animating your mindbody processes. Scientists can’t find it in the brain, but they know it’s gone from the body once we die.

And so I consider both Programs to be both a rigorous endeavor, and also a mystery path of healing. A somewhat spiritual one. Because you have a Spirit, that I believe is in charge behind the scenes. I’ve walked clients through both of these processes over the last several years, and I am in charge of helping you learn and follow Rules, but ultimately I am not in charge — you are.


The Fine Print…Important Stuff to Read

You must have:

  1. Internet access that supports video conferencing for the sessions
  2. Ability to make payments by Stripe on your computer or phone
  3. Ability to attend all sessions within a designated time frame: a window of 6 months is allowed for the 3-Month Program and a window of 9 months is allowed for the 6-Month Program
  4. Commitment to engage in the entire duration, either 3-Months or 6-Months, agreed to. Experience shows that you are more likely to make this commitment if you pay in full at the start of the Program.
  5. within 7-14 weeks
    no guidance, just sitting in witness to your story
    listening for your own guidance to emerge in your life


In Closing

I’ve tried to answer a lot of frequently asked questions, but if there’s something you wonder about please email me your unanswered question at Victoria (at) and I’ll try to respond within 48 hours.


You can also purchase the eBooks separately and sign up for the eNews, free of charge, to get to know me and my style better.

I’ll look forward to helping you achieve your health goals when and if the timing is right for you.


If you are interested in purchasing an initial package of Life-Direction Listening (3-sessions), the link to the sliding scale purchase portal is here Life-Direction Listening .


In Healing,

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