Category: 5 Elements in Nature

Why “Marisol”?

Mar-i-sol   =  Mar y Sol   = Sea & Sun

On a sunny day at the beach you can find all of the Five Great Elements at the intersection of land and sea. The Pancha MahaBhoutas = Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space, as described in Ayurvedic classical references texts.

They have been present on the planet for eons and comprise the very stuff of which we are made. Understanding the “how” and “why” the elements affect us in our daily live has been my passion since the early ’90s.


My ‘doctoring’ brings the sharp and penetrating insight of the sun rays pictured, above; and also the tender-hearted softness of the tiniest wavelets washing up on the sandy shore.

Both are needed when helping you make the changes you want in your health and life, and in accepting things now, as they are.


The study I have taken in that direction continues to inspire me, all these years later.

It is my honor and privilege to humbly share that knowledge with you.