Session Packages

Although the effects of Ayurvedic lifestyle choices and herbal formulations can be felt right away, it can take some time to see the changes through to completion. This timing is true both for client process as much as for the physical imbalances present in the body.


For this reason, I work with clients in packages of multiple sessions so that you can feel the satisfaction of a lasting shift in condition. I have designed the packages based on my experience working with clients over the years. Packages can be repeated for ongoing care. I may suggest additional body therapies or cleanses according to your case. 

I will also see clients for a one-time session if you are looking for a VPK Constitutional Analysis, for a second-opinion on a situation you’re experiencing, or sometimes as a prelude to a cleanse.



Cleanses are offered in two main ways: seasonal cleanses and the PanchaKarmas. Please contact me to discuss your case, or schedule a one-time session for my assessment of whether PanchaKarmas or a cleanse will support you best, based on your current imbalances.


Let’s talk about your situation and decide together what course of action could be started. Please text me, call me or sign up for the eNews I send out. Your information will never be sold or traded, and is used only to communicate with you about topics on Ayurveda, my practice and the session packages.


Body Treatments & Therapies, Ayurveda-Style

I offer Ayurvedic massage therapy and body treatments either within the context of Seasonal Cleanse and PanchaKarmas packages, or as a stand-alone treatment I recommend to you once we have started working together in a Basics of Ayurvedic Lifestyle or an Ayurvedic Diet plan.


The types of body treatments I might suggest include (but aren’t limited to)*

     Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Abhyanga) Ayurvedic Special Materials Treatment

           Kati Basti, Pinda Sweda, Nasyas

     Ayurvedic Oil Drip (ShiroDhara)

The body therapies are delivered by either myself or by massage therapists that I have vetted for their empathy, education/ training and skill.

*(Body therapies like ShiroDhara, Kati Basti, Netra Basti, & Pinda Sweda can be offered as stand-alone treatments if you know you need these therapies.. Please contact me to discuss your case).


You can text or call me at 510-689-1041. My email is available through the online scheduler,

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